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Angie Brown, House Music Icon, shares life story, history & spectacular career with Sarah Barnes

Angie Brown's career as a House Music legend and icon has spanned several decades. She exploded onto the scene as a world-class artist as the lead singer on the internationally successful 90's Bizzare Inc Hit 'I'm Gonna Get You'. She has performed with leading artists the world over. As relevant today as ever, her newest single 'Higher', produced by Ollie Jacobs (Producer of The Prodigy) on Champion Records, is currently topping all the DJ charts including the Buzz & Dance charts.

In this video interview, Angie shares her family and life story of growing up, the daughter of first-generation Jamaican Windrush era immigrants. Angie's extraordinary determination and resilience and her entrepreneurial mindset are the direct results of her amazing background. Angie is one of the most determined and life-affirming people you could ever meet who cares about everyone.

We all have so much to gain from hearing her personal account of her life and of course her wonderful unique voice. She shares how she developed her voice, her experience of studying with the great singer, performer and vocal coach, Annette Battams aka Nettie and what it was like to work with the Rolling Stones members Ronnie Woods and Keith Richards.

In this interview, you have the chance to be a fly on the wall and listen in to a very personal and open conversation and story. Angie also shares her latest venture into becoming a female DJ.

0 - 2,55 - Intro video montage

2:55 - 12.55 Angie explains the history of House Music

12.55 - 24:50 Angie shares about her families' experience of emigrating from Jamaica during the Windrush era.

24:50 - 37:00 Angie shares about her childhood in Brixton

37:00 - 40:00 Theatre school

40:00 - 42;25 The inspiration of Lena Zavaronni & Shirley Temple

42.25 - 53: 42 - The personal testimony of Annette Battams (Nettie Battams) on meeting teenage Angie and Angie shares about studying with Nettie and developing her voice

53:42 - 57:00 - Working with Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones)

57:00 - 1:02 - Open Mic Nights

1:02 - 1:08 =Bizarre Inc 'I'm Gonna Get You' = How it happened!

1:08 - 1:12 - Angie's life as a DJ during lockdown

1:12 - 1:18 - The new single 'Higher' produced by Ollie Jacobs

1:18 Outro Video Montage

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