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Gratitude is a huge key to life success and happiness. Having had what many would describe as an unusual pathway, I believe that our destiny is firmly in our own hands, and there is no single route to get there! All our life experiences come together to weave a rich tapestry of who we are, what we can do, the difference we can make to others, and I have had the privilege of a great variety.

Educated as a scholarship student initially at Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester, I first appeared on television aged nine in Fanfare for Young Musicians. Completing my sixth form studies at the Purcell School, I continued my studies as a Foundation Scholar at the Royal Academy of Music. 

My career as a concert ‘cellist began whilst I was still studying. Performing as a soloist and awarded numerous prizes, I gave recitals and concerto performances internationally. 

Throughout my life I have encountered extraordinary people, situations and opportunities and realised the power of self-efficacy and mindset to manifest and drive great positive change, both in our own lives and in that of others. I experienced the power of communication platforms, creativity and partnership to share learning and to deliver transformation. This has shaped and guided my subsequent life and is the motivation behind my current mission.

Organisations, businesses, charities and likeminded individuals with a passion for driving social change have connected and collaborated with me on transformational projects and initiatives that I have led. These have ranged from performances to highlight the plight of refugees drowning daily as they attempt to travel in small boats from Africa to Algeciras to designing a music and arts programme for disadvantaged young people affected by social issues in southern Spain for the Spanish social services.  The positive impact and experience of this work further fuelled my lifelong belief in the ability and responsibility we all have as individuals to give back and make a difference.

 I continued my journey, moving into education in the UK to further impact the lives of young people and the wider communities around them.  I have held senior leadership positions within schools, both primary and secondary, and was Head of the Music and Arts Service for the Metropolitan Borough Council of Sandwell. 

I maintained my passion for connecting diverse communities and creating initiatives that develop both groups and individuals' self-efficacy. I have led and supported many fundraising initiatives, continually networking and connecting people. I established the creation of a multifaith museum and magazine, developing young people as project managers and leaders working with community groups, businesses, and wider organisations, resulting in greater mutual understanding and appreciation for diversity.

I have project managed large-scale events for 5000+ people bringing together schools, businesses, charities and other organisations. Invitations to run workshops and speak on my creative work have included conferences such as The Telegraph Festival for Education, The Key for School Leaders, and the SSAT and I was featured on a Government-funded project 'Music Manifesto' video documentary on inspiring leadership. I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce.

A lover of etymology, the word education is important to me in its truest sense. ‘Educere’ – to lead out, bring forth … essentially, to bring out what is within! Also a photographer and writer, I use these skills journalistically to engage communities with the amazing and diverse world and people around us, sharing stories and life experiences that enrich and educate.

I look forward to meeting you and to what that will bring! 

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My Mission

I connect with a diverse range of great people and great minds to explore and share the power of mindset on lives. I inspire reflection on everyday practices, actions, mindsets, and their impact and share insight into how we can all develop our ability to make positive change for ourselves and in the world around us.


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