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Connecting Great People & Great Minds for Great Change


About Sarah Barnes

I connect with a diverse range of great people and great minds to explore and share the power of mindset on lives.

I inspire reflection on everyday practices, actions, mindsets, and their impact and share insight into how we can all develop our ability to make positive change for ourselves and in the world around us.

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Andrea Stephens

Headteacher Elect

A dynamic leader, Sarah harnesses staff confidence, motivation and loyalty through her clearly communicated vision, personal drive and commitment and her high levels of professional credibility demonstrated through secure knowledge and application of all aspects of educational, leadership and management. 

Having worked with Sarah for six years in her role as Vice Principal, I know her to be a leader with deep integrity and passionate for achieving the highest standards and outcomes, continual improvement and knows how to develop the strategic and creative abilities of all staff. 

Sarah has a unique ability to work imaginatively and conceive and develop extraordinary projects, initiatives and outcomes that lead staff and young people alike to discover and achieve outcomes that are exceptional. She is driven by her values and in particular understands and demonstrates the value of diversity and inclusion in all areas of her work. 

Sarah has a strong track record as a senior leader, successful in applying evidence-based practice in all areas and during our time working in the same school, implemented highly effective monitoring and evaluation strategies that empowered all levels of leadership and management to both hold staff to account but also develop skills and talent continuously and staff felt highly valued. 

Sarah has a comprehensive knowledge of wider available sources of support and expertise across the system which assist schools requiring improvement at all levels. Sarah always makes time to support other leaders in their development and her coaching style was always highly valued. I loved working with Sarah, and she has continued to support me in my career as a peer and leader.

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